Dental Clinic in Guildford

Dental Clinic in Guildford

Crofton Dental Surgery aim to provide specialist dental care and highly standard dental clinic in relaxing environment, using the state of art equipment
and techniques.

We are provide highly specialist dental service with expertise for all aspects of treatment, from all the way to complex care.

General Dentistry

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We pay attention to the important aspects of general dental health. Our dentist is experienced in all aspects of dentistry and are happy to perform routine dental health check-ups at a time that is convenient for you. Find out more

Periodontal Treatment

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We thrive to provide the best periodontal treatment for our patients. By the time you have entered, we have worked with your general dentist to make sure the best service will be provided according to your needs. Find out more

Inman Aligners

Dentist in Guildford

Inman Aligner is perfect for crowding or protrusion of front teeth. This is very safe, fast and great value compared to the other systems.
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Clear Aligners

Dental Clinic in Guildford, Dentist in Surrey

Clear Aligners is straighten the teeth without braces. Without metal wires or brackets it used a series of removable aligners for straighten your teeth.Find out more

Dental Implants

Dental Clinic in Guildford

These are the artificial roots of teeth which are placed into the jaw. They give support for crowns, bridges, and removable dentures. Implants provide a superior solution as a tooth replacement to natural teeth. Find out more

Natural Dermal Fillers

Dental Clinic in Guildford

Dermal fillers delay the signs of ageing by giving nature a helping hand. Fillers boost the skin’s hydration system to refresh looks naturally by restoring youthful volume to the skin.
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